Hannes Bester

Asset Management Director

Hannes is a member of the CrossBoundary Energy team based in Cape Town, South Africa. Hannes holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering (B.Eng.) and a master’s engineering degree in Renewable and Sustainable Energy (M.Eng.) from the University of Stellenbosch. Prior to joining CrossBoundary, Hannes was the Vice President of Operations & Maintenance at Scatec, a leading renewable energy company specialising in developing, owning, constructing and operating utility scale solar, battery, wind and hydro projects. Before Scatec, Hannes worked at Globeleq, Sustainable Power Solutions and Integrated Seismic System International. Hannes’ focus has been on renewable energy since 2010 with the goal of ensuring a more sustainable future for coming generations.

Cape Town, RSA