About Us

Our mission is to decarbonize enterprise by providing cleaner, cheaper and more reliable power.

Why We Work

Enterprises in underserved markets pay 50% more for grid electricity. Supply is unreliable and outages frequent, where the grid reaches at all

Companies often rely on carbon-intensive grids and on-site fossil fuel generation, driving up carbon emissions from business growth

But distributed renewable generation technologies are now cheap enough to provide affordable, clean power wherever firms operate

CrossBoundary Energy offers fully financed, customized clean energy solutions for business: a long-term energy strategy that’s both financially and environmentally sustainable

Our Expertise

Large-scale power generation systems

Sizing, configuration, and operation of various renewable and thermal power generation technologies


Complex integration of hybrid energy sources, performance monitoring, and maximization of renewable energy usage

Renewable energy project financing

Low-cost capital pre-raised from our global network of infrastructure investors

Electric utilities and

Direct relationships with utilities and regulators to permit new modes of energy supply for enterprise

Project delivery and

Total accountability for procurement, logistics, health & safety, and on-time commissioning

Community engagement and environmental protection

Active outreach and thorough research strengthen local license to operate


Advanced technical and financial modeling to illustrate projected rewards from renewable energy

Our Story

The CrossBoundary Group was founded in 2011 with a focus on unlocking capital for underserved markets. Our experience working in these markets exposed us to the difficulties faced by industrial enterprises that relied on expensive and unreliable grid electricity, and diesel generators.

Distributed renewable energy can address this problem—but technical risk and the availability of financing create barriers to renewable energy adoption. We sought to change this by making fully-financed and de-risked renewable energy solutions available for corporate clients in Africa. Our impulse was to start small and prove the viability of the model.

Our first project was Garden City Mall, located on the outskirts of Nairobi and the first LEED-certified mall in Africa. The project was commissioned in 2015 in partnership with Solarcentury Africa. Today, CrossBoundary Energy is proud to be delivering a portfolio of over US$285M of solar, wind, and storage projects for leading companies, including Actis, Diageo, Heineken, Rio Tinto, Syrah Resources, and Unilever.

Our team has grown to more than 50 professionals across Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Mauritius, and Australia, 80% of whom are African nationals.

These milestones are powerful endorsements of the role of distributed renewables and the potential of blended finance in unlocking new asset classes. 

Using our unique Africa-first expertise to expand CrossBoundary’s renewable energy solutions beyond the continent, we believe distributed renewables are essential for charting a net-zero future.


Founding Member of the Africa Solar Industry Association

Africa Solar Industry Association

Selected as ImpactAssets IA 50 Fund Manager in 2022


Awarded Solar Company of the Year and Solar Video of the Year for 2022 by the Africa Solar Industry Association

Africa Solar Industry Association

Named by the White House as Official Partner of Power Africa “Beyond the Grid”

White House

Awarded over $6M in competitive grants from Shell Foundation, USAID, and OPIC to expand PPA financing for solar in Africa

Shell Foundation, USAID, and OPIC

Selected as ImpactAssets IA 50 Fund Manager in 2021


Awarded Solar Achievement of the Year for 2020 by the Africa Solar Industry Association

Africa Solar Industry Association

Winner of Financial Times/IFC overall Award for Climate Excellence at the 2017 Transformational Business Awards

Financial Times/IFC

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