Energy for the Telecom Sector

Dependable, affordable, scalable mobile services power the engine of the future economy. Tower operators deserve a modern energy solution to match.

What We See

MNOs and tower operators are under pressure to rapidly expand network coverage and increase available bandwidth for their customers

Unstable, expensive grid supply and extensive reliance on diesel put pressure on telecom business cost structure. OPEX is unpredictable

A scalable, dependable, cost-effective renewable source of electricity is the natural fit for this business

CrossBoundary Energy can deliver top-tier uptime to international standards across your network at long-term competitive rates

Why CrossBoundary Energy


A turn-key energy solution for your network

100% financed and managed energy solutions for your entire fleet, improving your EBITDA, reducing operational demands and CO2 emissions.


The most experienced, credible renewable energy provider in Africa

CrossBoundary Energy is the preferred renewable energy supplier for Africa’s multinationals and corporates, including Rio Tinto, Heineken, and Unilever. We operate one of the largest fleets of commercial solar systems on the continent.


Wherever you are, CrossBoundary Energy can deliver

Custom renewable energy solutions for mission-critical African assets is what we do. We pioneered the use of corporate PPAs on the continent. Our team is 75% African nationals. Wherever your operations take you, we know how to deliver reliable, cost-effective power.


We’re fully funded and ready to build today

Our pan-African financing dedicated to supporting commercial solar and ready to deploy today. Don’t waste time waiting for fundraising.

Our Solution

We have worked with the industry’s best experts and equipment suppliers to develop a suite of energy solutions tailor-made for the telecom industry: rapidly deployable, extremely robust and reliable, compact and secure

Our solution is DC-only and highly compact, making it the most efficient energy system on the market

Energy solutions for telecoms in action

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