Energy for Mines

It's no longer a question of whether renewable energy can match your operating requirements. It's how long you plan to wait to cash in on operational cost and carbon savings.

What We See

Rising electricity and fuel prices are placing an increasing cost burden on energy-intensive mining processes. Operators need long-term cost savings, energy security, and a hedge against future price volatility

Mines are operating further afield to reach critical mineral deposits, where grid access is poor or unreliable. Off-grid or hybrid energy solutions are increasingly necessary for consistent quality and availability of power supply

Diesel fuel and machinery are subject to shortages brought on by unexpected global events. Reducing dependence on imported fossil fuels and increasing energy resilience is now a priority

Mining activities generate significant greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact, which can expose mines to regulatory risks and reputational damage. Clean energy solutions can lower a company’s carbon footprint, and enhance credibility with customers and stakeholders

Why CrossBoundary Energy

Cleaner, cheaper power without CapEx or complications



Immediate cost savings and energy security

The combination of solar and battery energy storage integrated into your energy system will reduce your reliance on diesel and fuel price volatility. Thanks to CrossBoundary Energy’s 100% financing, your savings against current cost of power start from Day 1.



Enhance credibility as a modern, sustainable mining operation

CrossBoundary Energy’s renewable power solutions put your environmental ambitions into action. Our installations can reduce your fossil fuel consumption by 20% or more, significantly reducing reported CO2 emissions and carbon intensity. ​



Wherever you are, CrossBoundary Energy can deliver

Custom energy solutions for mission-critical assets is what we do. CrossBoundary Energy has pioneered the delivery of complex hybrid renewables projects to clients everywhere from Somalia to Cabo Delgado, Mozambique to southern Madagascar to remote Western Australia. Wherever your operations take you, CrossBoundary Energy will follow. 



We’re fully funded and ready to build now

Our pan-African financing dedicated to supporting commercial solar and ready to deploy today. We fund our projects with 100% equity through construction to shorten the timeline to first energy and avoid what would be a long senior debt raise process. Don’t waste time waiting for fundraising.

“We work closely with mines across the globe to design custom solar hybrid solutions. These power systems reduce the total cost of electricity, lower all-in-sustaining costs, and minimize carbon emissions. Our flexible, collaborative approach to sustainable energy solutions is preferred by major mining houses and juniors alike.”

Matt Fredericks, Global Head of Mining, Business Development

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