Support to Policymakers

Distributed energy generation creates jobs and drives green growth. CrossBoundary Energy offers our expertise to governments on how to realize these benefits.

What We See

African businesses have long relied on distributed generation to supplement grid power. Now their “generators” are powered by solar rather than diesel

Energy regulators across the continent are called to deliver competing objectives: hold back distributed generation long enough to rebuild centralized utilities while extending affordable, reliable electricity to businesses

This impossible balancing act is a critical opportunity for energy policy evolution

Learn how we’ve seen energy in Africa and around the world evolve to take advantage of the full potential of distributed generation, as governments build the grid of the future

Why CrossBoundary Energy



Learn what happens when regulations meet reality

CrossBoundary Energy is a developer, not a think tank. We offer practical insights from permitting projects globally and in your own market. Leverage our experience to evolve your regulatory framework to better support local manufacturing, green job opportunities, and ultimately sustained economic growth.



Build policy from a solid foundation, not from scratch

CrossBoundary Energy is familiar with distributed generation regulations across Africa and around the world. We can quickly offer you learnings from other countries facing similar goals and constraints in rolling out renewable energy. Our insights can set a new benchmark for the new rules you are looking to draft.



Demonstrate credible private engagement

Engaging the private sector is crucial to securing buy-in for ensuring your new energy policies. CrossBoundary Energy can help you connect to other renewable energy leaders in your market. Through working with industry associations and our global network we can help you gain valuable visibility promote your new policies for your work.



Show results fast

CrossBoundary Energy has fully funded commercial energy projects ready to deploy today across the continent. In Kenya, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Madagascar our solar installations have served as test cases for new regulation, and government officials celebrated success with us within months of licensing. The experience of licensing our projects will equip you to more quickly regulate other, more complex energy applications.

“Wherever possible, CrossBoundary Energy has brought to bear our direct experience of designing, financing, developing, building, owning, and operating distributed generation projects across Sub-Saharan Africa. As the first dedicated fund for commercial and industrial solar on the continent, we have been at the forefront of regulatory engagement to move forward the sectors in which our projects are based.”

Tessa Lee, Chief Regulatory Officer

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