Miro Forestry

Sierra Leone
Generation Size 0.2 MWp
Customer Segment
Mounting type
Commission date Q2 2023
Partners Powergen
Estimated overall renewable energy contribution (%) 78.00%
Miro Forestry is a sustainable forestry and timber products company that operates plantations in West Africa, including Sierra Leone. The company produces high-quality timber products, such as sawn timber, veneer, and plywood, which are used in construction, furniture manufacturing, and other applications.

Miro Forestry’s operations in Sierra Leone involve sustainable forestry practices, such as planting, harvesting, and processing of timber products. The company also engages in environmental management activities, including conservation and rehabilitation of natural forests and ecosystems.

Miro Forestry operates under the principles of sustainable forest management and has obtained several certifications, including FSC and SFI. The company also actively promotes climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, such as reforestation and carbon sequestration.

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