Unilever Tea Kenya

Generation Size 0.6 MWp
Customer Segment
Mounting type
Panel count 1904
Commission date Q3 2019
Partners Solarcentury Africa
Estimated overall renewable energy contribution (%) 10%
Unilever Tea is a subsidiary of the multinational consumer goods company, Unilever. They are located in Kenya and are one of the largest producers of tea in the country. Their products include tea leaves, tea bags, and instant tea powders that are sold under various brand names.

The company’s operations involve sourcing tea leaves from their own plantations and from small-scale farmers, processing the leaves into various tea products, and distributing them to local and international markets. They also invest in research and development to improve the quality and sustainability of their tea production.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Unilever Tea in Kenya has implemented various environmental initiatives, including water conservation, carbon emissions reduction, and waste reduction programs.

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