Maisha Packaging Company Ltd

Generation Size 2.07 MWp
Customer Segment
Heavy Industrial
Mounting type
Commission date Q1 2024
Partners Illumina Africa Ltd, New Southern Energy Kenya Limited
Estimated overall renewable energy contribution (%) 16
Maisha Packaging Company Limited is part of the Devki Group, which is committed to producing superior industrial products that grow Kenya's economy through local manufacturing. Maisha Packaging manufactures high quality woven polypropylene bags, used in industrial applications for products that require strong and durable encasement.

Maisha Packaging Company Ltd. facilities use fully automatic manufacturing machinery to ensure top quality, and the manufactured bags are reusable and recyclable, whilst being resilient to UV, tears, and tampering. Included in the portfolio of products are bottom block cement bags, granite and marble bags, fertilizer bags, tile adhesive bags, and other industrial bag products. To ensure that its plants maintained consistent production, the client required an energy solution to increase reliable, affordable power, whilst reducing carbon emissions.

CrossBoundary Energy implemented two grid-tied renewable energy systems, consisting of 0.68 MWp and 1.39 MWp solar PV arrays, at Maisha Packaging’s Nakuru and Lukenya plants respectively. The systems, owned and operated by CrossBoundary Energy, will provide clean energy to Maisha Packaging, enabling 15% and 16% renewable energy provision on each site, respectively.

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