National Cement Nakuru

Generation Size 2.2 MWp
Customer Segment
Mounting type
Commission date Q1 2024
Partners Soventix
Estimated overall renewable energy contribution (%) 9%
National Cement Company Limited is a cement manufacturer located in Nakuru, Kenya, founded in 2008. The company produces cement, a material used in the construction of buildings, roads, and other infrastructure. National Cement's flagship brand is "Simba Cement," which is well-known in Kenya.

In early 2020, the Devki Group opened its Nakuru plant, located in Nakuru county in the Great Rift Valley, to expand its manufacturing capacity. The plant produces various types of cement, including Ordinary Portland Cement and Portland Pozzolana Cement. National Cement is committed to environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. The company has implemented various measures to reduce energy consumption, optimize water usage, and minimize waste generation, among other initiatives.

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